About us

Distinct Threads is an independent British online vintage clothing retailer. 

Here at Distinct Threads, we aim to provide you with the best in hand-picked branded vintage sportswear and streetwear, from the 80's 90's & 00's. Allowing you to find the most unique sought after clothing, all in one place. We have always specialised in rare, bold pieces that stand out from the crowd. Many of the items we stock are one-offs, so once they are gone they are gone! 

Including top brands such as; Ralph Lauren (Chaps, Polo Sport), Tommy Hilfiger, Fred Perry, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Helly Hansen, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Champion, Fila & many more.

Our Vintage pieces - often a third of the price of their brand new equivalent, are not only kind to your bank account, but are also kind to the planet…
The average person creates around 70kg of clothing waste per year. Vintage fashion is the opposite of fast-fashion, being, unique, rare, desirable and tradable. Shopping pre-worn clothing saves large amounts of textiles from landfill sites and provides us with an ethical way of satisfying that desire for new clothes, without succumbing to the mass-produced throwaway fashion culture.
95% of the clothing we throw away is able to have a second life, we’re here to do just that. So as we all step forward and make the effort to waste less and buy better, your conscience can rest easy when shopping with us at Distinct Threads.
We are Liverpool based and ship items worldwide!